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We are looking for a professional who will report to the Management and will be responsible for developing and managing the key accounts of the company.


The functions to be developed are:

Develop and manage the key accounts of the company in addition to looking for new clients. Must have the ability to design business plans and strategies to achieve goals. Carry out consultative sales and development of sales proposals.


Day : Complete

Performance Area: Commercial

Work Place: Office and Field

Duration of the Contract: To be agreed

Salary: Fixed + Variable

Location: Chile

  • Studies in relation to the position.

  • IT knowledge.

  • Excellent organization and planning skills.

  • Excellent negotiation skills.

  • High work capacity.

Minimum Experience:

  • 5 years in the commercial area

Minimum studies:

  • University, Graduate

Computational Domain:

  • Advanced

Required Languages:

  • English

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