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Seller. Field Salesman

We are looking for vendors with a portfolio of technology projects clients, who will work in the Commercial Area under the supervision of the Commercial Manager.


The functions to be developed are:

They must attend the Public Market sales, have a proactive attitude to attract new customers and have the discipline to generate weekly reports to their superior.


Day : Complete

Performance Area: Commercial

Work Place: Office and Field

Duration of the Contract: To be agreed

Salary: Fixed + Variable

Location: Chile

  • Manage the Public Market sales system.

  • With client portfolio.

  • Capacity for teamwork.

  • Valid class B driver's license.

  • Sales experience in technological projects.

  • High work capacity.

Minimum Experience:

  • 4 years in the sales area

Minimum studies:

  • Technicians

Computational Domain:

  • Medium

Required Languages:

  • No

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