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Buses Electricos y Camiones Electricos



1- Advice on the purchase of electric vehicles:

  • Engineering design.

  • Building evaluation.

  • Hardware and Software Implementation.

  • Technical advice on BMS parameterization.

  • Hosting and systems administration.

  • Post Sales Services.

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Computer systems made up of Hardware and Software that allow to centralize and automate the administration of the different specialties or systems of a building.

2- Advice on the implementation of electrolineras and electroterminals:

  • We measure the necessary capacity of the charging infrastructure in relation to the fleet, defining the necessary characteristics of the charging equipment for optimal performance.

  • The infrastructure can be conventional, solar or hybrid charging.

3- Negotiation of electricity rates for regulated and free customers:

  • Regulated Electric Clients: small companies and homes connected to the regular electricity network that are under 500kVA.

  • Free Customers: companies that have connections from 500kVA.

4- Cargo management and intelligence platform:

  • Administration, monitoring and management of chargers and cargo.

  • Electrical balancing between chargers.

  • Analysis of the loading operation.

  • Management and control of energy and backup systems based on photovoltaic panels and electric generators.

  • Rates and billing.

  • Telemetry service: integration with fleet management systems.

  • OCPP log reading

  • Systems supported in the Cloud/Cloud Computing.

  • Mobile app (Android and IoS) for users, charge collection and roaming (debit, credit).

  • Intelligent Cargo Management Platform. Download the general specificationshere.


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5- Sale, installation, support and maintenance of chargers:

  • Asset care.

  • GPS.

  • Fleet operational efficiency.

  • Control of habits and improvements in driving.

  • Management control and integration with external systems, such as planning, charging network and others.

  • Identification of the regeneration level and efficient driving behaviours.

  • Monitoring, control and optimization of electrical charging processes.

  • Monitoring of the main aspects that affect the useful life of vehicle batteries.

6- Sale, installation, support and maintenance of chargers:

Sale of chargers Setec-Power  for projects:

  • Residential.

  • Commercial charging points

  • Electrolineras.

  • Electro terminals.

6.1- Installation of chargers:

  • Advice and processing for the regularization of the standards SEC TE1 - SEC TE4 - SEC TE6.

  • Advice for the transfer of a regulated client to a free client.

  • Engineering, design and installation of charging points, electrolineras and electro terminals.

  • Support and help desk.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.

  • Guarantee in Chile.

  • Technical service and sale of spare parts.

Puntos de Carga Autos Electricos Chile
  • It centralizes the control and supervision of all the elements of the building.

  • Decrease in outsourcing of services.

  • Provides detailed information on consumption that promotes energy efficiency.

  • It facilitates the rapid detection of faults for their correction and preventive maintenance.

  • Automating supervisory tasks increases staff productivity.

  • Better management that increases the comfort and safety of the users and activities of the building.

  • Contribution to the LEED certification process.

Estaciones de Carga Electrica


Integral Service

Netgroup offers within its BMS services:

  • Control and automation hardware.

  • Main management software.

  • External platform for consumption reports.​​

Smart Platform

  • We have our technological partner AutomatedLogic, with BTL certification, belonging to the Lenel group.

  • AutomatedLogic, with its Virtual Integrator software, allows to natively integrate multiple protocols, thus optimizing the use of dedicated communication interfaces that require physical space and maintenance at the hardware level.

ISO Certificates

Quality in our processes and standards that ensure optimal work.  


ISO 9001: 2015 certificates

In the process of certification 27001.

Quality Policy ISO 9001: 2015  

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