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Netgroup has a Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 standard , therefore, it systematically develops training programs and evaluations of all its processes to continuously improve our services and products.

Trabajo en equipo

continuing program of quality & control

Our Quality Policy is guarantee of trust​

We provide services and products with high quality standards in: Computer Engineering, Technological Projects, Computer Support and Control. We strive to offer our customers a range of simple, effective, easy to operate and maintain solutions. According to their needs and requirements, to achieve their full satisfaction and to be their partner in time in their operations, contributing to our stability and growth.


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Technical Support

Offer solid technical support, ensuring operational continuity in response to the needs of our clients, permanently ensuring the integrity of the information.

Legislation Requirements

Comply with current applicable legislation and other requirements subscribed by the organization.


Provide the necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of each of the points established in this policy.

Risks prevention

Ensure the safety of our company's employees and partners.

We are convinced that this policy will allow us to perform a good management of the quality of our products and services, emphasizing the control and continuous improvement of all the processes involved and necessary to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

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